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A few for my dark amusement.

August 21, 2011


First off already fixed thing about other user just for, i can subscribe to many thinks, even linked to this site and many have own users, etc. I’ve been saying Capcom fumbles against Nintendo must stop, to be fair also, many games need to return to nintendo, mortal kombat 9, for starters.I hope next multy console upgrades bring from flash to pdf, Wii U should bring store, etc from the start, sony MUST stop with those over 60MB to 10GB install files, add-ons, etc, they should be like ps2, only file needed, game save files, that’s a damn good reason i like nintendo best, and the price, all consoles no matter how powerful should be max price 150 bucks or 200 bucks and dlc always or at least low as in 1 buck. consoles, in fact all should be powerful and affordable. As for dead of games, yes i even said violent things but angers the fact that now games and yes i voted, should come as presidential elections, why not bring mind readers? It sure is raining in puerto rico. So is the castlevania announcement regarding among others a 3ds game? Also using the app, how can I subscribe to other blogs without going to


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