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June 24, 2012

When I started this wordpress thing I said I’m no blogger cause of many reason, even cause it might cost but that was stupid cause wordpress charges if you own the site, etc. Now onto other issues, I’m waiting for many things and yes it includes wii u. I’m waiting for true release date for mirror of fate, you know castlevania 3ds, despite many things. I hope one day there are news of resident evil for wii u as well as mortal kombat. Took me by surprise the 3DS xl but won’t get it for many reasons including me getting wii u, even if I have to destroy cities, etc. Now I had, have and will have issues cause of my dark ways. But what the hell you expect they’re my fucking ways, even if I have murderers for heroes. Also to me true free speech is nothing is censured, NOTHING!!!!!!!, funny people hate left wing countries and I understand the sufferings but right wings are as much assholes or worse than left wings, specially those goddamn conservative republicans like the assholes Glen Beck, Santorum, Ronmy, etc.



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